* Ontario mandatory government court fee is currently $632. If you are considered low income you may qualify for a fee waiver which will reduce the government fee to $10. Ask for details.

Divorce Paperwork

  • Completed Paperwork
  • Complete Instructions
  • File Yourself in Court
  • Save Money
  • Ontario Court Fee Extra

Uncontested Divorce

  • Completed Divorce
  • Serving your Spouse
  • We Go To Court On Your Behalf
  • No Court Appearances
  • Lawyer Prepared & Notarized
  • Mobile Service in GTA
  • Ontario Court Fee Extra

Payment Plan

$300 Deposit
  • Initial $300 deposit
  • Second Payment after 30 days
  • Final Payment after 30 more days
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • No Court Appearances
**Additional fees may apply for**
Marriage Certificate: If you do not have your original marriage certificate, we can order it on your behalf. Fees differ from province to province.

Serving Your Spouse: If you are not filing for a joint divorce, you need to serve your spouse with divorce papers. Fees differ depending on your spouse’s location and number of attempts it takes to serve them.

Location: Above pricing is for residents of Toronto and North York. For other cities across Ontario additional fees may apply.

Complex Separation Agreement: Separation agreements including property, assets and or children are not covered in our flat rate service. Lawyer hourly rate will apply.

If you have any questions regarding our fees, please give our office a call at 416 995 9668. Thanks